Beat the Albany Heat this summer!

Summer in Albany has well and truly arrived this week. Is your air-conditioning struggling – or will it be your ability to pay the monthly energy bill? Add some relief with a more affordable option – Roof Ventilation from Albany Skylights.

Roof Ventilation in Albany

Roof ventilation is a great option for cooling your home from the top down. Roof Ventilation draws the hot air out of your roof cavity and out of your house.

By minimising the temperature in your ceiling, the temperature in your living areas will also go down. This means if you do end up using your air-conditioning it wont have to work as hard to cool the room, which will make your running cost nicer!

Benefits of Roof Ventilation

A roof ventilation system can also benefit you in winter by extracting the moisture that gets trapped in your roof by having a nice warm cosy house and a cold roof. This moisture can cause mould and in severe cases rotting in your ceiling if it doesn’t have anywhere to escape.

Unlike other roof ventilation systems, our Solar Star kit is 100% solar powered meaning it won’t cost you anything to run and is eco-friendly. It can also be installed in a short period of time and has a Five Year Warranty on the solar panel and motor, and a Ten Year Warranty on all other parts.

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