LED Lighting

Smart LED Lighting System

LED-imageThe 24-hour home lighting solution

Albany Skylights supply The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System, which is a 24-hour home lighting solution that uses energy efficient LEDs and daylighting to cut your energy use by up to 94%.

Our Solatube Smart LED Lighting System is the simple and smart way to brighten dark bathrooms, hallways, entryways, closets and more

  • Adds brightness to rooms
  • Delivers perfect colour rendition
  • Cuts electricity use and lowers power bills
  • Operates automatically for hands-free lighting
  • Outlasts traditional light sources

SunSense Technology

A control center that:

  • Continually assesses light levels and when supplemental light is needed
  • Automatically triggers LEDs to provide optimal light output
  • Seamlessly transitions from waning daylight to radiant LED light